Al Gore wants to save you and I want you to DIE!

Tonight marks the near end of the mildly publicized National Green week. Corporations nationwide are rallying their efforts to persuade you that they are doing what they can: to lower their pollutant emissions, or lessening their carbon footprints, greasing their assholes, increase recycling efforts and other tree hugging methods of enjoying life a little less splendidly. Contrary to what the blog title states, I don’t necessarily “…want you to DIE!” but rather enjoy yourself. Americans have grown accustomed to the long legacy of making the rest of the world our foot stool why should we stop now? Our disregard for other countries and cultures beyond our economical or ‘civic’ interest is what makes this country so damn great. Where else can the term ‘from rags to riches’ truly have merits?

Yes the North American landscape at one time was a lot lusher but our industrial deforestation was paramount in our eventual rise to world power-dom. Sweet sweet industrialization has set the precedent of modern industry of which the world economy functions… the economy sucks now but the international economic community is relatively a new concept as the world has only just got smaller after the end of the cold war and the emergence of the internet. Why stop now when there’s so much work to be done? America may eventually gay it up and set the standards on green living in decades to come but force the third world to stop what little productivity they can scrounge because they’re poisoning a few rivers? Should we ask China to lower their emissions ergo shut down plant productivity and return a percentage (of over a 67* million) of struggling impoverished near slave class back to grovel into fields which they’d work and never own? I’m sorry but if I didn’t know a life outside of making 15 cents a day you bet your sorry ass I’d be livid should some granola eating NPR-tard protested my few shillings away.

The world is a jack fuck roller coaster of which we all have to ride. Humanity cant exist without exploiting the exploitable which is the sure fire-able reason why 1st world nations exists in a sea of countless 3rd world countries. You cant condemn a country or a culture for doing what it can to survive even as frivolous as it seems in the “civilized” world. So eat a steak, don’t exercise, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, drive fast, because the concern of the world isn’t your responsibility; instead try not being a dick to one another first.

“Going” Green Ranger out